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whNvInfo is a very small program to monitor NVIDIA cards.

It display GPU Load, Clocks, Free Memory and some Environment values.

Since Version 7 it can query network servers too


Just run the EXE and it's running ... a tray icon appears. You can copy the EXE into the autorun or place it somewhere. There is no installer.


Windows 7 32/64bit. I hope it works in Windows 8 and 10 as well. Unsure if it runs on XP.


Version 11 - BUG FIX

Fixing the detection of more than 64 cores across Processor Groups. Thanks to Lewis for this Report and tests and fast feedback.

Version 10 - BUG FIX

Bugfix. The NvAPI_GPU_GetAllClockFrequencies return a frequency of zero, right after the memory clock changes. This happens with driver version 355.60 with Windows 7. All graphic cards effected. Debugging Output, it's the API returning uncool stuff :-)

Version 9

Possible Fix for really wrong fan display

Version 8

Modified server thread model to prevent latency timing problems

Version 7

Implementing network functionality, including IPv4 and IPv6.
Complete rewrite the code for the display panels, without change the look and feel.
Write a full featured documentation for network setup. Please read it

Version 6

Detection of TCC and WDDM (Thanks to Adrian)
On TCC there are Problems with Free memory - it's still 0 Bytes free ...

Version 5

This version have a Always On Top function and you can setup the windows pos manually, if your window on your turned off monitor or gone in mysterious way :-)

And it contain a super reset button. If you press this, all registry values deleted and the program will immediate exit. Use this if some settings getting strage or getting defect.

Version 4

Disk IO removed, because this counter measures the internal cache memory too, in resulting of fantastic values. I add processes and threads instead.

Version 3

This Version contains an additional SYSTEM Info Panel. The CPU Mhz is a average across all Cores. P Free is Physical Memory Free and V Free is Virtual Pagefile Free Memory. Dsk IO is the current Disk IO across all local physical drives. Net IO is the network transfer across all interfaces in mega-bit-per-second.

Version 2

  • Adding fontsize for peoples on 7" displays with 5K resolution :-) haha
  • All values (position, fontsize, layout) stores and read to registry (USER\\Software\\whNvInfo)


Version 11 - Documentation
Version 11 - 20.Aug 2016 - 20:59:14

Historical Downloads

Version 10 - Documentation
Version 10 - 18.Aug 2015 - 18:47:17
Version 9 - Documentation
Version 9 - 13.Jul 2015 - 21:26:12
Version 8 - Documentation
Version 8 - 05.Jul 2015 - 14:18:56
Version 7 - Documentation
Version 7 - 04.Jul 2015 - 17:59:09
Version 6 - 25.May 2015 - 17:55:53
Version 5 - 22.May 2015 - 20:41:16
Version 4 - 15.May 2015 - 23:53:22
Version 3 - 11.May 2015 - 15:29:27
Version 2 - 27.April 2015 - 19:55:40
Version 1 - 25.April 2015 - 17:08:53

Some Screenshots

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